We Make Dreams A Reality

Mortgage Planning Group, a premier mortgage organization. We are committed to providing residential and commercial mortgage solutions that assist our customers to meet their financial goals and achieve their personal dreams. We have built our business around the Core Values: Communication, Integrity, a Smooth and Complete Process and Competitive Products & Rates.

We deliver unsurpassed customer service which means building a relationship that lasts a lifetime. We are looking forward to building a relationship with you and becoming your Mortgage Consultant for Life. We look forward to serving you.


Simplifying the Mortgage Loan Process

Finding the best deal for your mortgage loan can be a hassle, especially if you are a first time buyer and unsure of your first steps. That’s what Mortgage Planning is here for. We want to make the steps to applying for a new loan as quick and as painless as we possibly can. All you need to do is fill out an online form and we will help you with the rest.

We will match you with the right lenders who will contact you with the information you need such as interest rates, anticipated closing costs and more. The process itself is easy as pie, and saves you the struggle of having to find the right vendor for you.


Refinancing Made Easy

Whether you are refinancing to lower a monthly payment or to pay off your mortgage loan a lot quicker, it’s important to have a goal in mind. At Mortgage Planning, we make it our goal to help you accomplish yours. By connecting you with the informational materials – such as the expenses and fees of refinancing, and giving you the low down on rate and A.P.R., we make refinancing a lot easier on you.

We know your time is precious and that your financial goals are important to you. Let us connect you to the right loan vendors to get you a new loan that will help make paying off that mortgage much more do-able.